Thursday, June 13, 2013

164/365 Sand

"Reach for the Stars"

North Texas is not exactly known for its sandy beaches.  And, today started with a 5:45 am call for Resounding Harmony as we were lucky to have a spot to sing on a local morning TV show to help promote our concert this weekend.  Then I had to teach and then go to the dermatologist.  With the way today played out, there was no time or energy to go hunting for sand.  This little cactus pictured above did, however, catch my attention.  Cacti grow in the desert.  The desert has sand.  Voila!  Connection made.

As you have probably noticed with several of my recent pictures, I am on a quote kick right now.  I like the challenge of trying to take a photo to represent a particular quote or vice versa, trying to find a quote to accompany an image.  With this one, I took the photo first; I love this quote.  It really speaks to me and I think it is appropriate for this image of the pink bud sitting atop the prickly little cactus.

We all have dreams - some of them small, some big, and some at every point in between.  Yet, so many people live an entire life and never even lift a finger in the direction of their dreams let alone lift their arms to reach for and fully embrace those dreams.  What keeps us from pursuing our dreams?  Time? Money? Other people?

None of the above.

The only thing that ever really stands in our way is fear.  It may be fear of trying and the risk, commitment or amount of work that requires.  It may be fear of failure.  It may even be fear of success.  However you look at it, it boils down to fear of something.  Time, money and other people are excuses, a way to keep us from taking responsibility for our own actions or lack of action.    To say that we don't "have" time  is more accurately stated as we don't "make" time.  If something is important, we will make the time to do it.  And if we truly have a passion for something, the resources to nourish that passion will come.  If we believe in what we are doing, so will other people.  When all of these things come together, dreams will come true.  I honestly believe that where there is a will or a passion, there is always a way.

That way may involve standing on a cactus to reach that star;  we may get poked by a few cactus needles in the process.  But once we are swinging on that star, the pain and scars from those cactus needles fade away.  We can say with confidence that dreams do come true if you believe in them and believe in yourself.