Tuesday, November 19, 2013

323/365 Grateful for Photography

"Not So Random Words"

Why did I have such a hard time with today's prompt?  I am amazed that with as much time as I spend with my camera in my hand or my head in a book about photography I couldn't come up with a meaningful image to document how grateful I am to have photography in my life.  I'm feeling kind of like a loser.  

I finally settled on a photo of a collage that I did as part of a creativity workshop.  We chose random words from magazines and newspapers and then had to arrange them into some meaningful statement.  These words say a lot about how my soul is touched by photography.  

 The picture of the collage was blah at best.  I did enhance it a little bit in PS.  It is still blah but this will have to do for today.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring with it a dose of creativity.