Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Are bloggers egocentric?

Only a few months ago I was ranting to my friend about how egocentric bloggers must be. Who really wants to read the daily drivel of strangers? Over the past few months, since my rant, I have changed my perception of blogs. I have been sucked in. This is due to the wonderful words of some of the bloggers that I now read. The Panopticon, The Yarn Harlot, and several others have made me realize that we all have something to share. Sometimes it may be drivel and sometimes it may be profound. Regardless of which "file" a day's words may find themselves, they are all important. Everything we write says a great deal about who we are.

My oldest daughter just finished the application process for the University of Chicago, a school known for its off-the-wall admissions essays. Brooke chose to write about hosting a brunch. The details of the essay were to include who would be invited and why, what foods would be served, what kinds of entertainment would ensue - you get the picture. When she had finished what we hoped to be her final draft, I emailed it to a friend who has been through the college admissions aerobics with three children already to read the essay. I expected her to make suggestions about the details - this sentence is not clear, needs more detail here, use a few more examples. Instead she responded with, "these are the things that I learned about you (with a list). Is this what you are trying to convey to the admissions officer?" This was exactly what she needed. Brooke made a few minor changes and sent the application. I am happy to say that she was admitted through early action.

Perhaps blogs are like a perpetual college entrance essay. People read them to learn who you are. But, bloggers have the benefit of time. Fortunately for us, it is not a one shot deal. You will learn something about me from this post and something else from the next. This is accomplished by what happens All In A Day.

So, Are bloggers egocentric? Probably. But, they - no, WE -are willing to share who we are and what we think with a world that loves to criticize. So, have at it!

Thanks for reading!