Saturday, August 17, 2013

229/365 Pink

"Obvious Pink"

I have a button that reads, "The obvious escapes many."  It is hardcore evidence of my judgmental side.  I bet none of you knew I had one of those.  So, this morning as I was looking at the day's prompt on my iPad, I spoke aloud my concern about what I could photograph that was pink - and not a flower.  Between you and me, I am getting tired of photographing flowers.  Anyway, my beloved family asked if I had considered my iPad in its pink case or my phone, also in its pink case.  Ah yes, the obvious does escape many.  I hate it when one of them is me!!!

This photo was the runner up for the day.  In many ways, it better shows what I was thinking and feeling about being oblivious to the pink in my life.  It seems that I am never far from one or the other of these two devices - sad to admit, but true.

Because it was cool here today for August in Texas, we spent the afternoon and evening doing a little maintenance and then enjoying some time in the yard.  First we went on a search for new cushions for the patio chairs.  While we were in England, the local squirrels decided that they needed the stuffing in the chairs for their nests more than we needed it for our rears.  So they helped themselves.

In an effort to protect the new cushions from squirrels who have a penchant for vandalism, we have stationed a guard close by.  Surely she will deter any squirrels who might even think about helping themselves to anymore stuffing.  As a job perk, she also gets unlimited sunbathing time atop the hot tub.