Friday, August 29, 2014

240/365-2 A Backpack

'A Cooler Backpack"

I should learn to read ahead.  Since I used a photo of my own backpack earlier in the week for another prompt, I was stuck today when the prompt actually was "a backpack."  Throughout my day at school, I snapped several photos around campus with my phone, most of the people I did not know so I was a little leery of posting those photos.  As it turns out, that didn't matter; my favorite photo of the day was of someone I know and love so I was able to ask permission.  And, she has the "coolest" backpack of any that I saw on campus.

Here is Sara again.  She has been the star of my blog this week.  Sara has solved the problem of when you put everything you need in a backpack it becomes too heavy to carry.  She uses a rolling cooler for her school stuff.  It works perfectly!  The cooler holds more than any backpack and it rolls right along behind saving her back and shoulders.  (Can you tell that this is the voice of someone who carries way too much in her backpack?)

Sara is my last student of the week.  Too bad that cooler doesn't have some end of the week "refreshment" in it.  Just kidding, Sara!  Well, actually it does.  Yesterday it had delicious chocolate that she brought for me.

I am blessed to be surrounded by all kinds of caring, creative, and just plain awesome people!

239/365-2 2 Of A Kind

"Hermits Unite!"

The "Hermits Unite!" motto has been ours since we got married.  Though we laugh at it now, it represents some difficult choices that we made five years ago.  I am happy to say that I have never doubted those choices.