Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Strangest Yarn I Have Ever Seen!

As the end of the week neared, I decided to go by Yarn and Stitches and buy three skeins of Noro Kureyon to make Blacksheep Bags Booga Bag. I taught until 1 and had several hours before picking up children from school at 4. Life changed in those three short hours!

On the way from school to the shop, Alissa called and said they had found a puppy. And you are telling me this because . . .? Of course, she needs a home. But I don't need another dog.

We got to the shop and saw this little tiny thing whining and crying because she had been out in the 20 degree weather. She was smaller than the wads of dog and cat hair that I sweep from my kitchen floor. Being the sucker that I am, I held her. She stopped crying. The consensus was that this was a sign that I should take her home. The rest is history.

My calm three hours turned into a trip to Petsmart to buy all that a new puppy needs. In this case, the shopping involved buying sweaters because this dog is so small she really needs one. Betty Kay allowed as that she could not get one done, even a pint-sized one made in the next few hours.

The girls were thrilled to see her when we picked them at school and the puppy was equally happy to have several people to keep her warm. The only questions now was how big brother, Adidas the 65 pound lab, would take to a baby sister.

Once Adidas realized that she was not a new squeaky toy, things pro ceded well. He is learning how to play with her, sharing his tennis ball, chewing small pieces of the rawhide bones (though she wants the big piece), and teaching her the ways of dog life at our house.

A trip to the vet yesterday to make sure she was OK having been out in the cold, shots, and maybe some insight as to what kind of dog she is went well except for the kind of dog part. The staff thought she might be a Carin terrier or schnauzer mix. There was no consensus. They best they could do was "damn cute puppy"!

So, meet HARLEY

Some number of weeks old (we will know better when teeth start falling out) and some kind of dog. She weighs 4 pounds.

I did buy the Noro that I went for, but have not begun knitting. Maybe I should knit a dog sweater from one of those cool new books of knits for dogs. Or, if I go ahead and knit the bag I inyended to make, she will probably fit in it - at least for a little while!