Saturday, March 22, 2014

81/365-2 On Their Terms

"Old" Faithful

Today's prompt is one of the monthly repeating inspirations - a portrait.  Erin is always a willing subject.  Weber got the day off from being in front of the camera.  

I don't know that this shot was taken on Erin's terms, but she did help choose which shot would be my POTD.

80/365-2 Spring

"Only Bloomer"

I forgot to post this yesterdayt.  I took the photo in the thirty minutes I was home after school and before I left to play for a prayer service last night.  Several of us went out for dinner afterwards and it was late when I got home.

It doesn't look much like spring in our yard.  Though there are many iris bulbs, none had any buds.  This morning, as we were pulling out of the driveway and heading to school, Weber noticed this one. At first it looked like a tissue had blown into the flower bed, but no, it is indeed a flower!  The wind was blowing and this is not the prettiest flower anyway.  It looks so sad out there all by itself.

Looking back through my 2013 photos, I took the photo of the first blooming iris on March 1st.  It was a gorgeous purple one.  The flowers are more than three weeks behind last year, with no promise of anymore blooms anytime soon.