Monday, May 13, 2013

133/365 Laugh


As one who is not the best at sending text messages, I love reading unfortunate autocorrected text messages.  There are websites that are full of screen dumps of these hilarious messages.  It takes a lot to make me laugh until I cry.  Many of these will do it.

132/365 A Mother's Gift

"O" Joy

We got back into to town Sunday afternoon in time to stop by the house, unload the car from our weekend away and then head to Resounding Harmony rehearsal. So, our Mother's Day was more of an observation than a celebration. The girls stayed at the house and animal sat while we were gone. That is a huge gift - no boarding; that makes us and the animals very happy. They also cleaned out and organized both the refrigerator and freezer over the weekend. Erin had to head back for work before we got home. While I was at rehearsal, Brooke  made brunch for dinner, my favorite kind of meal. We had French toast made with homemade challah, sweet potato hash and yogurt pannacotta. For dessert she made apple honey doughnuts. Yes, we are all stuffed!!!