Monday, October 21, 2013

294/365 Blades and Bokeh

"Blade of Grass"

I had a hard time with today's prompt.  The idea was to get those dancing bokeh circles atop blades of grass.  That really needs to be photographed first thing in the morning when there is dew on the grass and beautiful morning light.  That was not happening around here today.

Let me tell you about our morning.  First of all, the alarm went off way too early.  All I could think of when it started beeping at 6am was, "You have got to be kidding!"  It wasn't kidding.  We had to get up.  Every now and then we can hit the snooze and get an extra 10 maybe even 20 minutes of rest, but not today; we had to deliver ten dozen cupcakes this morning before school so we had to get up with  the first alarm.  The good news is that the cupcakes were going to school with Weber.  His principal ordered them from Brooke to distribute as a "gift" to all the teachers. Rather than make Weber totally responsible for getting them to school and in by himself, I went with him, helped carry them in and then Weber took me to school.  That all required being a little more together in the morning than I usually am.  We did get it done with no glitches.  Maybe I could become a morning person.  On second thought, why would I want to do that?

All that to say that I did not attempt my picture until late this afternoon.  By that time, there was no sun, only gray skies and no dew.  Without good light, bokeh was going to be difficult.   I shot a few pictures of grass and then turned my attention to the tree out front.  

Today's POTD was a surprise that I discovered when I looked at the day's photos on the computer.  Im not sure what I was thinking when I took it and I'm not sure where that single drop of water came from.   It doesn't really matter.  I love the simplicity and the bit of abstractness in this photo.  The quote helps to bring the image alive for me.

I did manage a little bokeh when shooting acorns in the tree.

"Colors and Shapes of Fall"

I know our neighbors must think that I'm a little crazy - taking pictures of debris in the gutters along the street, plain old grass and leaves on the tree.  Oh well, I proudly admit that I do indeed do those things.  While I was taking pictures of the leaves, our next door neighbor came out with her dog.  We chatted for a bit and then the dog wanted some attention.  I gave him a scratch behind the ear and then turned my camera toward him.  He wasn't too sure about the clicks of the shutter at first, but then he became fascinated.  This gave me an opportunity for a few good shots.  I love photographing pets.


How can you not want to photograph that cute little face?

I didn't ask his mom before I started taking pictures, though she didn't object.  Still, I decided that I would print a couple photos this evening and take them over to her.  I may have to watch for this four-legged model outside again!

Oh, and despite the fact that Weber's principal ordered the cupcakes for all of the faculty and staff, Weber didn't get one.  Not sure why.  This is sad…and funny.  Last night while Brooke was working on them, she offered one to Weber.  He declined saying that he would get one at school today.  Wrong!