Tuesday, December 9, 2014

343/365-2 At The Lot

"A Lot of Fog"

Pardon the redundancy here.  I posted this photo to Facebook early today not knowing then that it would be today's POTD.

We awoke this morning to very thick fog, not a common thing here in Dallas.  It was both beautiful and a little ominous on this Tuesday morning of final exam week.  I had to give a final exam at eight o'clock this morning.  Seemingly very few others on campus were doing the same because much of the parking lot was still deserted at 7:45.  I snapped this photo with my phone as I headed into the building.

After my exam, I read the email containing the daily photo prompt "At the Lot."  The intention was a photo of choosing a tree at a Christmas tree lot.  Well, that was going to happen.  Our tree comes from a box, not a lot.  And even if it did come from a lot, it was not going to come today.  I chuckled as I thought about this image that I had already posted to Facebook...it is a lot...and it has trees.  

10 am and my photo of the day was done!