Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Miracle

If you ever have a day where all seems dark and dismal, here is a story that ssays that there is still good in the land.

I had a phone call from Alissa today saying that she had received an email from TSA at Logan Airport saying that they needed to reach me concerning a lost item. As far as I knew, I was missing nothing. And why did they contact Alissa? I did travel through Boston Logan on July 1st. Maybe I left a notebook or something that had a Knitting Fairy card or handout. Alissa forwarded me the email that she had received which had a phone number to contact TSA.

I called and a friendly man answered. He asked me if I was missing anything. I said, "I must be, but to tell you the truth, I have no idea what it is." A deep silence came over his end of the phone. I asked him if he could tell me what he had found. As it turns out, I had failed to pick up my laptop when I went through security. I had not noticed that it was missing because I almost never use it when I am at home. The monitor is much smaller than the one on my desktop, it is much harder for me to see. So, I have not even opened my computer bag since I returned from Boston. I would not have noticed it was missing until this coming weekend when I started packing for our upcoming trip to New Mexico.

That particular computer lists three users - me, Betty Kay, and Spirit of Knitting. The TSA people searched for Spirit of Knitting on the web. Our web page is not up and running yet, but it does exist. All correspondence goes to Alissa, or maybe it is Brad. Anyway, it does not come to me so this is the only contact information they could obtain.

AFter our conversation, the TSA officer emailed me two forms, one with shipping info so they could FedEx my computer home and one that stated that I had not filed a loss on the computer. I signed, scanned, and emailed the forms back to him. Within 30 minutes I received an email saying that my computer was on its way to Texas via FedEx. He sent the tracking number. It should arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Is that not an amazing story? I can't believe my computer was not stolen off the security line after sitting there for an unreasonable amount of time. Actually, it was probably swept away to make sure that it did not contain a bomb or something. I was flying right after all of the airport attacks in London and Scotland. After it was seemed harmless, someone went through the trouble to figure out how to contact me. I have identification on my computer bag, but not on the computer itself. I am impressed that they put forth the extra effort to find me.

I think that it is important for us all to remember that the person who turned in my computer to lost and found is the same person who is cursed by all those air travelers who are required to take their shoes off, empty their pockets, remove their belt, take off their jewelry, step to the side to be wanded, and place their computer in a separate bin. They really are not the enemy; they are on our side - the side of safety and honesty, at least in Boston.

This whole incident is even more amazing to me because back in May when Mike flew to Johannesburg, the security people in London made him check his computer bag. When he arrived in South Africa, both his personal laptop and his work laptop were gone. The airline refused to take any responsibility. Though he tried to file a complaint, ultimately he had to replace his own computer. The work one was covered by Accenture's insurance.

I suppose that the happy ending does not really come until after 3 pm tomorrow when I receive my computer in one piece. I am sure all will be fine when it arrives.

Miracles really do happen!