Friday, September 27, 2013

270/365 Bubbles

"Bokeh Bubbles"

I love to take bubble pictures; therefore, throughout this year I have already taken many of them.  I was trying to think of a different, somewhat creative approach to today's prompt.  I finally came up with an idea, but never quite got to it during the day.  

When Weber got home, just in case that idea didn't materialize, we went outside to try some of the "normal" bubble shots.  I quickly discovered that it was more windy than I thought.  I was having a terrible time focusing on the fast moving bubbles.   I finally set my camera on rapid shutter in the hope of getting something decent.

What I got was many terribly out of focus bubbles with some amazing bokeh.  I don't think I could have done this intentionally.  Admittedly, the composition here leaves a lot to be desired, but I like all the colors.  It just makes me smile.  I'm sure that I can make my original plan for today's photo fit somewhere else down the road.

One of the reasons that I did not work on the bubbles prompt earlier  in the day was because I was trying to catch up on the assignments for the online photography class that I am taking.  This month we are focusing on simplicity, minimalism and abstract - ideals that I can get behind in all aspects of my life.  I have been looking forward to seeing how I can represent these things in my photographs.  

Here is what my day yielded.

"My Girl's Boots"

This image may be a little too complicated for the prompt, but, nonetheless, I like it for what it is.

"Simply Noted"

Simply noted, I have an addiction to Post-It notes.  There.  I admitted it.

"Life's About Looking Up"

Keep your chin up.  Way up.  There is cool stuff over your head sometimes.

"Bristles and Bands"

This is the broom that I did not use to clean the house today.  The dirt will wait. 

 In addition to taking lots of pictures, I also did some composing and some writing.  All in all, this was a awesomely fun day!  

And tomorrow is Saturday!