Monday, May 12, 2008

New Toy

I have a wretched cold and way too much work to do but I did manage to find a few minutes to play with my new camera. I am a little more comfortable with it today than I was last night, but I still have much to learn.

I am supposed to shoot a run of To Kill A Mockingbird on Wednesday night. Between now and then I need to decide if I am confident enough to shoot with my new camera or should I use my old one with whom I have a good history. Decisions. Decisions.

This is the very first picture that I took. I managed to find the on button and figured out how to focus at least a little.

Moving objects are hard especially when you have no idea what you are doing!
When feeling defeated, turn to Erin. She makes a great subject for any photographer!
Spencer thinks he makes the best model. I'll let him fight it out with Erin.
Hopefully I will get better with practice. I would be happy to practice all day but the subscribers to Spirit of Knitting who are waiting for their spring issue might get a little upset. I will try to remember 'Work, then play."