Saturday, August 3, 2013

215/365 An Outline

"Bridge At Dark"

We had the entire day free in London . . .and so did a billion other people, it seems.  The city was wall to wall people and wall to wall bicycles.  London is hosting a two day bike rally this weekend so the streets, many of which are closed to motorists, are crawling with cyclists.  Im not sure I have ever seen this many people in one place.

We attempted to go the Westminster Abbey this morning but the lines were a mile long in two different directions.

O have already been to Westminster Abbey on our last visit and Weber did not want to stand in line, so this picture is as close as we got to the abbey.  The inside will have to wait for another visit.

"Quintessential London"

We did take an excursion on The Tube toTrafalgar Square, The Strand and Covent Garden.  Again, we met a solid wall of human beings on the sidewalks.  After a few hours of barreling though the crowds, we came back to the hotel to devise a Plan B. 

Plan B involved a sunset cruise down the Thames and then an Italian dinner.

"The Eye"

All of my pictures involving the eye are still being taken from the ground!

I cannot remember the name of tho Bridge.

"London Bridge and Tower Bridge"

"Tower Bridge"

"Tower of London"

It is late and I have to be up early in the morning.  We are singing for the Eucharist in the morning and then Evensong tomorrow afternoon.  I suppose after that, we'll have one more night together in the pubs before we pack everything up and head home on Monday.  Boy these two weeks have passed quickly!

214/365 A Sign

"A Sign"

I think that this is a sign that someone is ready to go!

We spent Friday in Canterbury.  The day had a stressful start in that we ran into a traffic snag between London and Canterbury that caused us to arrive at the cathedral with no time to rehearse or even warm-up much for our midday concert.  We did sing a few notes on the bus on the way.  The cathedral is the Mother Church of the Anglican communion and it was an honor to sing here, but the acoustics were very strange, probably having to do with carpet leading to the altar and an enclosed quire.  We sang well, but the singing highlight of this tour has definitely bee at Wells Cathedral a few days ago.

The Altar at Canterbury Cathedral

Saturday it's time to explore London.  We have a completely free day.  I'm not sure what we'll do.  I guess we'll see how the spirit moves us.