Thursday, April 10, 2014

100/365-2 A Perfect Duo

"Grow Old Along With Me"

Today's photo was supposed to be food photography, a perfect food duo.  If I had done that, my shot would have been pizza and beer, which is indeed a perfect duo; however,  we ate late tonight so the light would have been no good.  And, there is nothing more unattractive than poorly lit food.  Bad food photography is the absolute worst kind of bad photography.  

If you think a little outside the box, this shot could be consider "food."  These two are actually salt and pepper shakers.  Spices are food, right?

I originally set about photographing the salt and pepper shakers so that I could practice with the Lensbaby.  I though that it would be easy to focus on them out in the grass.  When I looked at the images on the computer, I decided that they are kind of cute.

I bought this back when Weber and I were in the midst of all of our wedding plans.  They were a joke, a possible cake topper:-)   Don't they remind you of us?  A guy in a hat and a woman knitting?  They were just too cute to pass up at the time.  They do still make me smile.

I did manage a couple half way decent, more serious, shots with the Lensbaby.  I need to start practicing with smaller apertures.  One step at a time...