Tuesday, February 5, 2013

36/365 Nap

"A Long Week Ahead"

I thought today's picture would be a piece of cake.  There is always some furry four-legged critter napping around here somewhere.  Harley is usually asleep on the couch.  Adidas is usually in Weber's chair and Frankie is usually curled up in the divot that she has created for herself on the back of the chair in our bedroom.  I figured Frankie would be the easiest shot because she enjoys an afternoon nap with the sun shining in on her.

Just in case, I took the above picture at school this morning.  As I was walking through the student union, I saw this poor boy napping on one of the couches.  I'm not comfortable taking pictures of strangers and I'm not a stealth photographer, but this image was just so perfect for the prompt.  I had my iPad in my hand.  I quickly snapped the shot;  I didn't want to look like some crazed stalker or anything like that.  It is not a great picture technically, but it definitely conveys the idea of a nap.  You know it is going to be a long week when you find yourself this way at 9 am on Tuesday morning!  

The truth is that I didn't think that this would end up being THE picture of the day.

When I got home, I grabbed my camera and went hunting for my intended subjects.  Frankie was not in her typical spot.  She was on Brooke's bed - not really asleep.  She gave me this look that said, "I might be napping if you weren't in here with that **** camera."

 Adidas was having nothing of a nap.  Quite the contrary.  He was wide awake and gave me his sexy old Lab look as I headed toward him with the camera.

Harley, always wanting to be the one to please me, finally settled in for a little snooze, just long enough for me to get a picture of those scrunched closed eyes.  Harley may be sound asleep, but the ears never rest!

Naps of one of those awesome luxuries in life that I wish I experienced more often.  I definitely don't have enough of them!  Oh to be a cat or a dog . . .until they sound you out in the back yard to pee.