Tuesday, February 3, 2015

34/365-3 Where I Stand

"Where I Sit"

Admittedly, this photo is more about where I sit. All of my standing today was in from of my classes and thus no photos during school. By the time my teaching day was over all I wanted to do was sit down and kick my shoes off. I am notoriously bad about twisting my feet around my desk chair while I'm working. And yes, I have been known to stand up too quickly (or try) and fall because I am so twisted up in the chair's legs:-) As worn out as I am at the end of the school day, if I strip off the stressful and tiring layers of the day, deep down I am truly happy. My orange "happy" socks remind me me to give thanks for that.

33/365-3 Blurred Background

"Just Love Me"

We have LOTS of books at our house and they get used often to answer questions, settle arguments, and expand our minds, but there is not a single one of them that will help anyone to understand me:-) This mug was a Valentine's Day gift before Weber and I got married. I bought it for him as kind of a warning I guess:-

32/365-3 February Selfie; "I Heart"

"Love Yourself"

My attitude about the monthly selfies has improved greatly over the past twenty five months.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time and light on this one; this is what was left.

31/365-3 One Done

"761, 25, 31,1"

This photos marks 761 days or 25 months straight of taking a photo a day.  It is photo number 31 for the 2015.  It is also the first month where I have been successful at loading all of daily photos into the Collect app on my phone.  And, I have uploaded my photos to Persnickety Prints to have my January photos printed as Project Life cards.  I am anxiously awiting their delivery!