Thursday, November 20, 2014

324/365-2 Give Thanks for Companionship

"Purrfect Pals"

There is no shortage of furry companions around our house.  There was, however, a shortage of those furry companions willing to be photographed today.  I managed this candid shot of Brooke and Frankie.  The cat loves it in the evening when everyone settles down and she can find a cozy spot next to someone where there is the real possibility of a little attention...but not too much.  Frankie did not want to sit on Brooke's lap, or even share the chair with her.  The feline preference was for her own chair, but her own chair that was in reach of her sissy's hand so that continuous head rubbing could happen.  This worked for Brooke as well in that she had a quiet companion while she read.  A win-win situation...the best kind!