Friday, August 17, 2007

Spa Day

Before all you girls, and maybe you guys too, get jealous, it was not me who had a day at the spa, but Serena, our llama. Because of all the rain we had in the spring and travel schedules this summer, we are just now getting to shearing time. It is a bit late, but fortunately we have not had triple digit temperatures until this week.

For most, a day at the spa sounds like a luxury, but Serena is not convinced of that. The shearer came at 9 this morning. Last night, we moved Serena from the big pasture to the small holding pen. That was her first inkling that something not so good might be looming on her horizon. Llamas are very particular about the spot where they leave their "llama beans". None of her spots are in the small pen - another point of unhappiness. We did, however, go for a walk around the yard and she got to nibble a light breakfast of pasture grass and leaves before the fun began.

"What's the problem with a little dust in the coat? It is cheaper than air conditioning. The burs, well, you can brush them out, right? Okay, if you think I need a haircut, then let's do it."

"This better be worth it! I could be out talking to my friends, having a little grass (You know what I mean.), and rolling in a little more dust."

The first cut. Because we are so late with this shearing, Serena's fleece is quite long. It would be very difficult to get it off in one piece for spinning; so this year, we will leave a little on the ground for the birds to gather for nesting material and the rest will be discarded.

"Maybe I will try a new style this year. What do ya'll think of the french poodle look? Okay, okay, they can give me the boring llama cut."

"All done. I am not fond of the hooficure part at all, but the rest was OK. Now that I am all beautiful, do you wanna kiss?"

"You bet, Serena!"