Saturday, April 7, 2007

Spring Daze

In theory, it is springtime in Texas. The trees are budding and stands of bluebonnets line many of the highways in the metroplex. The rich blue of the flowers against the deep green of grass, thanks to an abundanceof rain in the last few weeks, is definitely confimation that spring is in the air. Today, both me and the bluebonnets were shocked by what else was in the air - near freezing temperatures and snow flurries! How does this figure into the spring scenario? I guess it is another example of life being an array of contrasts. Somehow, the white snow flakes enhanced the vibrancy of the colors of the grass and the bluebonnets.

Today was a study in color all the way around. We were helping our buddy, The Accidental Knitter, get her yarns ready for a local Fiber Fest. After winding thousands of yards of wool, we became a little slap happy and began naming the color palettes of the various hanks. It was quite amusing. It is a good thing that no psychiatrist was around; we probably all would have been hauled away by the little men in white jackets. I will share some of the rejected color names. If your are as warped as we are, I am sure that the palettes will appear to you in vivid color. If not, visit The Accidental Knitter (as well as the Knitting Fairy, and Spirit of Knitting) at the DFW Fiber Fest next weekend.

Okay, close your eyes and imagine:
  • I Should Have Been A Cardiologist
  • Sunburned Frog
  • Prom Queen
  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Lawnmower Accident
  • Peep Encounter
  • Easter, The Sequel
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Queen Victoria's Underwear
  • Spring Daze
  • Petri Dish
  • Bluebonnets In The Snow

All this with the help of a little sugar, caffeine, and good friends. Watch out OPI. You may be next!

The point of this? It was good clean fun, something that is hard for many people to come by these days. I am appauled by the number of adults who find it impossible to have a good time without a bit of alcohol. Don't get me wrong; I really am not against drinking - responsibly of course. But, I do feel sorry for those people who can't enjoy themselves without a little liquor. In my case, I am perfectly capable of making an ass of myself without it so why go to the trouble of getting drunk. Besides, if I had been drinking, I would not have remembered all of the rejected color namess and this entry would have been about hangovers or something equally as boring.

I wish you all a colorful spring. And, Happy Easter. May the Easter bunny bring you eggs the colors of a Spring Bouquet rather than those of a 140 degree chocolate bunny.