Monday, December 22, 2014

356/365-2 Ready

"Naughty? Maybe. 25? Definitely."

These two are ready to party.  The "naughty" one celebrated her 25th birthday today.  She and her "nice" sister spent the day shopping and eating (and maybe drinking a little, too.)  All that was followed by a family dinner and sharing of gifts tonight.

Neither one of them was really dressed for a portrait.  The naughty one had on ridiculously high heels making her way taller than her sister and thus making it impossible, in terrible light, for me to focus on both of them.  The nice one's hat was casting a weird shadow on her face.  Oh well, this is what they looked like today.

Happy birthday, Brooke!

355/365-2 In the Kitchen


I forgot to post this here yesterday because I posted it on Facebook early in the day thinking I would take a more appropriate photo for my official photo of the day.  That didn't happen so this is it.  What does it have to do with "in the kitchen?" About the only thing is that this silly idea was hatched and planned while standing in the kitchen.  And no, we had not been sipping on the eggnog.