Tuesday, September 3, 2013

246/365 Back to School

"School Buddy"

It seems that for most of my life that I have been on the quest for the perfect purse.  Well, maybe not my entire life - just since I had to start carrying a purse and we all know when that was.  And still, at 51, I have yet to find the perfect purse.   Today I had an epiphany and realized why that is.  

As I mentioned a few days ago, school has been a part of my life for 47 years.  For 30 of those years I have been carrying a backpack.  Let's face it, no purse can compete with the utility and practicality of a backpack.  All those compartments and pockets for everything from my iPad to a water bottle.  I can (and do) carry everything I need.  The boy scouts would be so proud of me; I am always prepared - except for the minor little detail that I have lost my keys.  Let me say though, this is not a failing on my backpack's part.  It is a failing on my memory's part.  I took them out of my backpack before we went to England and placed them in "a safe place."  That place is so safe that its whereabouts have eluded everyone in my house!

Back to my backpack … the one I have now is the closest thing to perfect that there is in a backpack - a place for everything and everything inits place.  And it is blue.  What more can I ask for?  All of these things are definitely assets but the "cherry on top" is my Uglydoll, "Cozymonster", that the girls gave me.  He makes me smile every time that I look at him.  He's just so darn cute and has an amazing personality.  Here is a bit of Cozymonster's story:

How can you not love this guy?  And, he's orange!

So, now after all these years, I am giving up my quest to find the perfect purse.  I am making a commitment to a a lifetime of carrying a backpack.  Oh so feminine, right?  Well, in my mind, utilitarianism trumps style every time.