Wednesday, June 19, 2013

170/365 Lighter Than Air

"Living By Bread Alone"

Without a doubt, I know that I can survive on bread alone.  I love it.  I might even be addicted to it.  It doesn't matter what kind of bread.  I love everything from basic white bread to seed breads to cinnamon raisin bread.  And when it's homemade, I don't even need any kind of spread on it, though homemade butter or peanut butter just makes the eating experience that much better!

Since Brooke has been home, we have been spoiled by almost daily loaves of freshly made bread.  I have become a real fan of an oatmeal bread that she has been making.  Today's loaf, however, is a simple sandwich loaf that is not nearly as dense as the oatmeal bread or some of the other grain and seed breads we have had.

I had to work hard to connect this picture to today's prompt, which is Wings / Lighter Than Air / Glide. So here it goes: it terms of texture, this is a very light bread.  It glides right down.  And, it tastes heavenly.  

If you think those are weird connections, you should see how I do with the Rorschach test!