Sunday, January 19, 2014

19/365-2 Abandoned

"Abandoned Abstract"

I actually took this photo yesterday.  Apparently what I abandoned today was any hope of getting a daily photo that I liked.  For whatever odd reason, this image speaks to me.  I think that it is its totally abstract nature and the possibility of seeing so much or so little in it.

This shot was intended to be a simple shot of a leaf or two floating in a fountain, an exercise to practice with manual focus.  Because of the way the light fell, the reflection of the sky and the way the Lensbaby works, this is what I got, so much more than a floating leaf.

I did take a few shots today.  They were all dismal.  My mind kept coming back to this image.  Then I remembered the Mahler quote.  Then it all came together.  My mind is like this image until I center my thoughts and focus.  This is the one idea that remained after the other nineteen were abandoned.