Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Revolving Door

One thing that I have learned, because the lesson has been shown to me time and time again, is that no doors ever really shut in life.  Our existence involves continuous movement, an unchoreographed dance,  through a constantly revolving door.  The variables that impact where that door leads include how quickly the door turns, how we embrace our perspective at the present point of rotation, and who else is making their way through the door with us.

Today was bittersweet in that the revolving door of life turned in a new direction.  I closed on the sale of my dad's house in Delaware, the house that my grandparents restored in the early sixties and in which they and then my parents lived until my dad's death almost a year ago.  I was four when my grandparents moved into this house, so most of my memories of visiting them were formed there.  My parents moved in after my grandfather's death in 1998.  I made a few trips to visit my parents, but it all honesty, my most vivid memories of the Delaware house with regard to my parents is it is the place where they both died.  This, however, is not the reason that I chose to sell the house; it simply was not feasible for me to keep it.

 As a military brat, I am a master at blooming where I am planted."  As a child,  I was transplanted to many different places coast to coast.  Finally as a young adult, I moved to Texas and now have firmly established roots hereWeber and I have a simple yet wonderful life here.  My girls and their dad live close.  I have an amazing group of friends.  And, a job I love.  What I would have given up to move to Delaware and keep the house would have been far more valuable than what I would have gained by keeping it.  And, keeping it as a "summer home" was not fair to the house.  It was built in 1760 and deserves full time care and attention.  I am thankful that the men who bought it are not only willing, but excited to give it that.  I wish them much happiness as they make this house their home.  I trust that if I ever want to return for a short visit, that they would graciously extend a bit of hospitality.

So today, my last real tie to Delaware has been severed and life's portal has turned to face another direction.  And I am OK with that.  My family and my life are here in Texas, the place that I happily call home.

Lately I have been playing with a photo manipulation technique that creates abstract images from photos.  I thought today would be a good day to try it with the above photo of the house in Lewes, which I took over the summer.

Perhaps I should title this one, "A New Turn" as the revolving door of life has turned a few more degrees.   And, who is that now staring at me?