Friday, May 2, 2014

122/365-2 Vision of May Flowers

"Circle Of Life"

I don't think that this image necessarily has a unique perspective, but what drew my attention to it is the ring of spent iris blooms encircling the one young and beautiful flower.  As I looked at this, I thought about how important it is for the wisdom and experience of age to wrap its arms around youth and innocence.  I also noticed the changing face of beauty.  Though most eyes are drawn immediately to the big colorful bloom, which is indeed beautiful, great beauty also resides in the small, tired, and unassuming blooms that are past their prime.  Their texture, their colors, their humility speak volumes.  If only our culture would recognize all that the aged have to offer to those on the path behind them.  Beauty does have a place, but wisdom and years of life experiences should occupy an equal place.