Tuesday, January 29, 2013

29/365 Circle

"Making Yogurt"

Some days you just have to take the path of least resistance or simply go with the obvious.  This afternoon I was making our weekly ration of yogurt.  I should have done this two days ago but time got away from me and I didn't get it done.  As I was pushing the "On" button, I was struck with how many circles were present in the yogurt maker.  The maker itself is round; the lids are round; the "aesthetic interest" in the lid also has a couple of circles.  A photograph of a yogurt maker is not exactly the image that everyone wants to hang on the wall in their living room, but it was an important picture in my day today and in our lives in general.  I have to remind myself that my goal here is not to create a masterpiece everyday.  It is to Capture my 365.  Perhaps I waited until today to make the yogurt so that I would see the beauty in a simple thing like the yogurt maker.

One of the things that I love about having a photo prompt every day is that it causes me to look at the world, my world, completely differently.  I am becoming constantly aware of every place's, person's and thing's possibilities.  I have made yogurt every week for a year or more, but today the simple beauty of its many circles leaped out.  As I went through my day I noticed the roundness of many other things as well - my morning tea's K-cup, the "Caution Automatic Door' sign as I entered school, my travel mug, my hair band and the list goes on.  Tomorrow I will notice different things.  My routine will be the same, but my attention will be drawn in a different direction.  I like this newness.  It reminds me that every day brings with it gifts  just waiting to be unwrapped.

Here is today's runner-up photo.  It contains more circles than did  the above image, but it is less obvious what it is.  Which one do you like best?

"Yogurt Circles"