Saturday, December 14, 2013

348/365 Christmas Wish

"Grown-up Christmas List"

I got my grades submitted this afternoon and now I can think about Christmas.  So what do you think was the first thing that I did?  I had a meltdown.  I realized how close Christmas is and how little I have done to prepare.  I am in such deep trouble!  My Amazon Prime membership will probably pay for itself this weekend!

Tonight we finally dragged the tree out of the garage.  It is up and its lights are plugged in, but it has no ornaments yet.  And, there are no other decorations anywhere...except the pumpkin that is still sitting in the dining room.  I feel like we are going to have so little time to enjoy the Christmas decorations at this point that it is hardly worth the time and trouble of putting them up.  I really dislike taking them all down and packing them away too.  .I think I just need an attitude adjustment and perhaps a little sleep.  

Today was selfie #12 for the year.  They have gotten so much easier over the past twelve months.  Granted, this is not exactly a true selfie since you can't see my face, but I have taken several other true selfies this month so this one counts.  I said so and I'm in a bad mood  The important thing here is not me anyway; it is the Christmas list.

One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs is "Grown-up Christmas List" sung by Amy Grant.  When I read the day's prompt I knew that I wanted to try and incorporate the song into my picture somehow.  I didn't quite get the image that I saw in my head, but it is close enough and that's OK.  What is important, is the song lyrics.

"No more lives torn apart,
that wars would never start
and time would heal all hearts.
Everyone would have a friend,
right would always win,
and love would never end."

This is my grown-up Christmas list.