Wednesday, June 18, 2014

169/365-2 A Field Trip

"A New Addition"

It was too hot in Delaware today for any extended field trips.  The best we could do was walk to the pub up the street for lunch and some air conditioning.  On our way home, we were lured into a store along the way by this furry orange and blue critter.  He wanted a home.  We were not convinced that we were the right ones to give him a home, but he was.  Why?  He said it was because the one thing that makes his heart sing are the colors blue and orange.  Based on our attire, he figured that we understood that and would make him happy.  We thought about it for a few minutes and decided that we could provide a good home for him.  

His name is Blueper (already given).  We'll call him Blueper B.  We spent some time this afternoon and evening getting to know one another.  We wandered around town a bit and this evening he went to dinner with us.  My one stipulation with regard to him joining our family was that he had to agree to being photographed.  He is eager to oblige.

Once the adoption was final, we took a walk over to the local church.  Beginning a relationship with a little prayer can't hurt, right?

Blueper and Weber were quite serious about their prayers.  I was serious about photographing them.

Church seemed an OK place to this furry guy.  He felt right at home.

Blueper has already asked his dad to help him set up his own Facebook page so that when he moves to Texas he can keep up with his friends here.  His dad has agreed to help him work on that over the next few days.  I'm sure he will let everyone know once he is online.

I'm also sure that he will make regular appearances here as well.