Monday, February 3, 2014

34/365-2 Soft (Macro Monday)


I came home from school with not much light left in the day and not much energy.  I am coming down with something, hopefully only a cold.  I thought about the prompt throughout the day but had no good ideas.  It is "Macro Monday" and I really want to improve my macro shots, but the stars definitely did align for this to be the day for any improvement.  It was a feat just to get a photo taken.

At the point that I got home, the only soft things that were dancing through my mind were Kleenex and my soft flannel Peanuts sheets.  The sheets have already been featured in a photo recently and I didn't think used Kleenex was a desirable subject.  In a desperate move, I went for the make-up brush.  It is soft and I got a little practice with the macro lens.  I must really be sick; I had not much enthusiasm for the process today.

In the midst of my pity party I decided to have a few what they used to call "Uh-Oh" Oreos.  I like the vanilla cookies with the chocolate filling better than traditional Oreos.  I know - that is probably some kind of abomination.  It is even worse that I live with a professional baker and have access to really good sweet treats and I was eating Oreos.

As I took my cookie apart, because we all know a kid will eat the middle of an Oreo first and save the  chocolate outside cookie for last,  I noticed that the chocolate icing is pretty darn soft, softer than the white creme filling.   So here is another "soft" macro shot.