Saturday, December 6, 2014

340/365-2 December Self Portrait - Giving

"Hugs, The Best Kind of Giving"

This month's self portrait suggested photographing our hands in a gesture of giving.  This was definitely not my favorite selfie, not because of the giving aspect; it is the hands part, so I had to find something/someone to hold as a distraction.  As I have looked back through the year's photos, I realized that Harley has been the least photographed of our four-legged family members.  Today was her day.  And, she is always willing to give and get a hug.

Note to self: selfies, dogs, and limited time are not a good combination.  I had to grab this shot quickly this afternoon in between a rehearsal this morning and a concert tonight.  I think dogs are worse than kids when it comes to photos.  They know exactly what you want and are going to make you work for it.  I will say it was worth the effort.  Lots of hugs were shared along the way.