Wednesday, June 26, 2013

177/365 Footwear

"Extra Sturdy"

With each of the daily Capture Your 365 Daily prompts also comes a photo that either inspired or represents the day's photo task.  Today's image was that of two obviously strong boys' feet on a trail in hiking boots.  So, the subtitle to the "footwear" prompt was "sturdy."  I am at a conference with a bunch of Franciscans.  Nobody is wearing anything that resembles a sturdy shoe; we are all wearing Birkenstocks or something similar.

When I saw this man standing with his cane, it reminded me that sometimes we all need a little extra help to stand tall and feel sturdy.  I did crop this image.  I thought about leaving it from the waist down so that his hand was visible holding the cane, but I kind of like the minimalistic perspective here.