Sunday, June 15, 2014

166/365-2 Dear Old Dad

'Father's Day 2014"

I warned dad that he had the honor of being the subject of today's POTD.  His response, "When did you decide to make it your mission in life to embarrass me?" My response, "Um...December 28, 1961."  I  ended up taking paparazzi shots so none of them are very good technically or compositionally; however, this is perfect in the more important ways.   Dad is sitting in his chair doing the day's puzzles from the newspaper like he does every day and reflected in his glasses are his beloved Phillies on TV.  And then there is the Navy sticker on his clipboard.

Weber got to share with dad what life is like with me and my camera on a daily basis.  I'm not sure whether dad took pity on Weber or not.  And we had a laugh over the fact that despite being in the midst of chemo treatments,  dad has more hair on his head than Weber.

I'm glad we were able to be in Delaware this Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all of you who are fathers or have been a father figure to someone.  

I pray that everyone had happy moments with or happy memories of their fathers today.

Last Night's Sunset

Sitting on the beach watching the sun set is a object lesson in just how quickly things on his earth can change.  In only fifteen minutes, the sky went from brightly lit to almost completely dark.  I watched as the the bright ball dropped from the sky disappearing below the horizon.  I realize that this phenomenon happens every day, but it is not every day that I make the time to just sit an appreciate how my days are made.  Watching from the beach also adds to the majesty of the sunset.  It was beautiful.

One day this week I will get up early to experience the other side of this.  It has been a long time since I have seen a sunrise on the beach.