Sunday, September 22, 2013

265/365 Change

"The Twilight Zone"

I am not happy with Apple right now.  The changes that have come with iOS7 have made me quite an unhappy camper - and phone user.  Well, that is not exactly true; I have not yet updated my phone.  Weber updated his.  Thankfully I looked at the changes on his before I made the decision to update mine.

I am not one of those people that is resistant to change just because it is change.  I am all for change if it is change for the better.  With all of the previous Apple updates, I believe that change for the better definitely existed.  Not this time.  This was change just to change and in my opinion (and apparently that of many other people) this is change for the worse.

Apple's goal was to "simplify" the visuals of there apps.  That translates to put everything on a white or light  background with super thin fonts and gray icons.  For me, it is pretty much unreadable, even with all of the supposed "accessibility" features that Apple includes.  

Above is the old resident weather app on my phone and the same app on Weber's with the new operating system.  See what I mean?  I intended this difference to be the point of today's picture.  I guess to some extent it is, but as I was looking at the day's images on the computer, the picture took on a whole other dimension.

Look carefully at the phones.  Weber and I are standing side by side, no Photoshop tricks here.  Notice that his phone says that today is Saturday.  And despite the fact that both phones are displaying the local weather in Dallas, mine say the temperature is 84 degrees and his 64.  Just to further confound the issue, the weekly highs and lows vary by a few degrees each day as well.  It is the same time on both phones.  That is good to know!

Right now, the only thing i like better about Weber's phone and the new operating system is that according to his phone we have another day of weekend!

I hope Apple listens to the feedback of the many people that are unhappy with some of their aesthetic choices with this upgrade and either changes them or allows for user customization.  If something doesn't happen before I absolutely have to upgrade, I'm not sure what I am going to do.

Apple, can you hear me now??