Sunday, February 10, 2013

41/365 In the Garage

"The Pink Jokester"

Everybody has a pink flamingo in their garage, right?  Specifically, a pink wicker flamingo, right?  We're not weird or anything.  The weird people are the ones who let their pink flamingos hang out in their front yards, right?  At least ours is in the garage.

This pink flamingo, along with many other pink things, has become an icon of our remodeling process. She makes random appearances when a smile is necessary or when she is needed to help draw attention to something new that has been done or something old that has not been done around the house.  She has been know to hide in closets, around corners and behind doors.  Sometimes she carries a specific message and sometimes she just gives you a look, the kind of look that only a pink wicker flamingo with large black plastic eyes can give. 

Since New Years, she has been hiding out in the garage.  I suspect she did a little too much celebrating as part of ringing in the New Year.  Notice the red gas can at her feet.  No telling what she had in there!  She is a serious partying kind of girl.  When I was out visiting with her this afternoon, she was all excited about collecting Mardi Gras beads in preparation for letting the good times roll on Fat Tuesday.

The stories this girls could tell . . .