Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Lot of Words.

I was honored tonight to have been asked to take the action shots of the Laramie Project. What a responsibility it is to take the only photographs of this run of the show. I took nearly 250 pictures, Most of them appear to be good pictures. I will have to delete some because of closed eyes and open mouths. But all and all, there are more good pictures than there deserve to be. I am not complaining.

I have included here a few shots - not a representative sampling and not in chronological order. Many of the captions that I have included are the actual lines from the script at the point the picture was taken. Those of you who live in Denton need to come see the show. It is awesome!


"In the first week, vigils were held across the country."

"Do you believe the Bible? Do you believe you are supposed to separate the precious from the vile? . . . .two times for every verse that it talks about God's love, it talks about God's hate."

More hatred.

"So our idea is to dress up like angels and encircle Fred Phelps.

From the homecoming parade which turned into a rally in support of Matthew, his family, and hate crime legislation.

"You are responsible for this."

Matthew did not die alone. "There were his lifelong friends with him. You're probably wondering who these friends are. First, he had the beautiful night sky and the same stars and moon that we used to see through a telescope."