Tuesday, April 22, 2014

112/365-2 Barbed

"Barbed Beauty"

I have become a huge fan of my Lensbaby lenses.  Fan may be an understatement; addict may be a better term.  And, my husband is an enabler.  He ordered me the Edge 80 lens, ostensibly for Mother's Day.  It came last week and he gave it to me.  Sadly, I did not even take it out of the box until this afternoon.

I think the fact that I am a musician, and therefore understand too well the discipline of practice, is what is allowing me to be patient with the steep learning curve surrounding my ability to take decent pictures with these lenses.  

Today's picture taking can best be equated to playing scales.  I was concerned purely with technique.  Any sense of creativity or artistry is totally absent.  I wanted to to "play" with the lens, but I didn't have time to go in search of any real subjects.  (I actually took today's POTD a week ago.)  I was relegated to photographing whatever I could find out in the yard.  I did notice that our kind of pathetic looking rose bush is blooming.  It worked just fine as a subject for practice.

Compositionally, there is nothing spectacular about this image, but it does represent the learning process.  I need a lot more practice "playing scales" before moving on to "repertoire," but I'll get there.  At least photography can be practiced outside amidst God's beautiful creation.  There is nothing beautiful about the tiny practice rooms in most music buildings.  Just saying...

Happy Earth Day everyone!