Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silver Anniversary

Today was our 25th wedding anniversary. It was "celebrated" with no pomp and circumstance, just the way I like it. At church last Sunday, the priests offered a blessing to all those who were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries during the month of June. Someone asked me afterwards how long we had been married. I said that we were celebrating our 25th anniversary, but Mike had actually only been home for ten of those years. I should have known when we got married that this is the way it would be. We got married on a Sunday afternoon in North Carolina. That evening we drove to northern Virginia with the dog, spent the night at his mother's house (she was not there), and then Monday morning he got up and flew to Dallas for a job interview. It has been this way ever since - me and the dogs.

Actually Mike was in town today, not because it was our anniversary, but because he did not feel well. He did ask if I wanted to go out for dinner, but truthfully, I was just as happy to fix something at home. We had a good but unimpressive meal at home a few cosmopolitans, and a glass of wine. Simple. That is the way I like it. After our good but unimpressive meal Erin said that was an awesome dinner. Everyone was happy. What more can you ask for?

The other problem we had with going out was that I had an appointment with the dermatologist late in the afternoon. It seems that doctors really do control our lives. I called several weeks ago and this was the first appointment that I could get. So, I took it. When I walked into the waiting room at 4:00 for a 4:10 appointment, it became obvious that my late afternoon appointment was going to be much later than I thought. The waiting room, at that point, was SRO. I finally got in to see the doctor at a little before five.

She was going to cut a small growth off of my arm so she had to ask all of the obligatory questions. Are you taking any blood thinners? Are you allergic to any medications? Do you have any problems with numbing agents? Are you pregnant? With the last one I must have given her more of a look than I really meant to.
She said to me, "I had to ask. I never know."
Me: "I'll tell you what, if I am we'll share the settlement. Today is my 25th anniversary. I can't think of any worse way to spend it that being pregnant!" (I did spend number 6 and number 9 that way. let me tell you, neither was any fun.)
She: "Well, I had a woman in here a few weeks ago who was in her fifties and was pregnant . . .and wanted to be."
Me: "I think that she needs a psychiatrist, not a dermatologist."

Really it was a good day. I don't like big deals made about "special occasions." Every day is a blessing and a gift and they should all be treated as such.