Friday, July 18, 2014

199/365-2 Layers

"Make the Grade"

I have to say that this photo was not taken today, but back at the end of June when we were in Delaware visiting my dad.  Rarely do I use archived photos for my POTD.  I did so today for two reasons:

First of all, I am suffering from separation anxiety because I had to send my DSLR back to Nikon as the result of a recall - extraneous dust particles showing on images due to a faulty shutter mechanism.  I have noticed such spots.  If I see them, I know that they are bad!  I packed my camera and printed the packing slip and shipping label.  Weber took it to UPS.  I didn't even go.  Sending my camera away was nearly as traumatic as sending my first kid to kindergarten!

I have my old DSLR, but the battery will not charge.  I'm sure I have a second one somewhere.  Finding it is tomorrow's chore.  To soothe my soul, I also registered for an online iPhonography class.  I have wanted to get better at taking photos with my phone.  Now is the time.  

The second reason that I used this photo today is because it is the subject of an object lesson.  I took it at sunrise.  Obviously my settings were way off and it is seriously overexposed.  When I looked at it on that day in the context of sunrise photos, I deemed it an epic fail.  Today, however, looking at it again in the context of photographing layers, it is kind of cool.  I am drawn to the monochromaticism and the various textures.  Who knew that beaches are graded each day at sunrise?  Thankfully I did not delete this photo back on the day I took it.  (My camera cards are much like my email; I rarely delete anything.)  For some reason, when I was thinking about today's prompt, this image popped into my head and I was able to go back and find it.  The lesson here is that first impressions are not always the best.  Take time to fully appreciate what you actually see, not what you want to see.

Below is the day's runner-up, also taken on the same day.

"Layered Beach"

I will try not to whine and be too much of a baby while my camera is gone, but it is going to be a long couple of weeks for me!  When I looked at the above photo, the spots, which are the reason for the recall, are quite obvious.  Looking at this makes me feel better about sending my camera back for repairs.