Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Riddle

I will post more pictures from Vermont but I don't want anyone's mind to go to mush while sitting in front of your computer staring at the beautiful sites of the green mountain state. So, here is a riddle to keep your brain agile, to keep your thinking cap on straight, and to test your skills of logical reasoning.

What do ice cream cones (with no ice cream), a AA battery, an empty Coke bottle, a barrette, and a sweet potato have in common?

I sure hope that one of you has an answer to this conundrum because I sure don't. This is the picture that I saw when I got home from school this afternoon at 5:00.

This tems were assembled on the end table next to the couch in the playroom.

Offspring No. 2 who has been in New York for the last week, has been home less than 24 hours. These items have appeared in this location since her arrival home. What was she thinking? Maybe she was reminiscing about her childhood, all those moments when imagination and creativity ruled her world.

Perhaps she was contemplating world peace or a time when all will see eye to eye. Perhaps her childhood friend,Mr. Potato Head, is becoming ethnically diverse and is now allowing potatoes of color into his circle of friends. Maybe this new friend is shy because he doesn't look like all of the other potatoes so he wanted a hat to hide his somewhat pointed head, hence the ice cream cones (with no ice cream). The barrette may be a sign of optimism that this poor sweet potato believes that soon he/she will have hair; you know the hair that potatoes grow when they sit in the vegetable bin or on the couch too long. Why the Coke? Maybe the sweet potato told his starchy white potato friends that if they soaked their hair in Coke they could be just like him/her - orange and sweet. And the battery? I don't even want to know who promised who what!

I'm just not sure how the social underpinnings of potatoes work. We'll see how this picture plays itself out.

If any of you have any insight into this scenario, please feel free to enlighten me.