Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16/365 Jumbled

"The Last of the Birthday Flowers"

On a photography blog today I saw the following paraphrase of a quote, possibly by Berenice Abbott:

I never take the photograph I intended; they are either better or worse.

This sums up today's picture taking perfectly.  I had planned to spend the day at the knit shop today since I am fast approaching going back to school and my opportunity to do this will be virtually non-existent..  Since today's photo prompt was "jumbled" I figured I could certainly find a jumbled up knitting project at some point during my day.  I had checked the battery in my camera and packed it securely in my purse.  I am trying to become comfortable and carrying it with me more.  As I turned around to pick up my knit bag, I saw the flowers that Weber gave me for my birthday.  They are almost three weeks old.  Though several of them are still bright with life, others have lost petals and blossoms.  These fallen jumble of pieces surrounded the vase still sitting on the curio cabinet in the dining room.  For some reason, this image caught my attention.  I don't know whether it was the colors, the contrast between the flowers still on their stems and those laying on the cabinet or what.  Whatever it was, I was fascinated.  Not having much time before I was supposed to leave, I unpacked my camera and started taking pictures.  I played with the angles and the settings.  I had just enough time to pop my memory card in the computer and look at a few images before I left.  I was fairly sure that I had gotten something that would satisfy the day's prompt.  I didn't take my camera with me.

I thought about these pictures all day.

When I got home, the first thing that I did (after feeding the starving dog) was scroll through them all.  This one just jumped out at me.  I love everything about it.

This was not the photograph I intended to take today.  Happily, it is much better than I expected.