Monday, April 7, 2014

97/365-2 Macro Monday - Fill the Frame


"No Creative Energy"

Today was a good day generally speaking.  Erin spent the night here last night because she and Brooke had a catering job today.  This meant that this morning I got to have breakfast with my baby.  That was a nice treat.  School was OK too; my Monday classes are fun and not too taxing on my brain, which is a good thing because my brain is really tired right now.  In terms of photography, however, the day was a dismal failure.

Today was "Macro Monday."  This is one of the repeating monthly prompts that addresses various aspects of macro photography.  Usually I love macro shots.  They allow me to see things that I certainly cannot see on my own.  Macro shots open up a whole new world for me.  Most of the time I don't even really know what to expect from the shots i take because I literally can't see what I am photographing. The beauty of macro photography is the revelation of all of the minute details that are visible with these closeup shots.  For me, looking at the images on the computer is like opening presents on Christmas morning; I never know what I am about to see.  

Today, however, was a complete failure for me as far as taking pictures that I liked.  I started with flowers in the yard.  I took many shots, but all of the flowers looked kind of scraggly and uninteresting.  With that lack of success, I took a break and had dinner.  Then I did some work for school hoping that I would be struck with even a little piece of inspiration.  No such luck.

I began wandering around the house looking for something, anything, that would pass for today's photo of the day.  I felt this weird sense of desperation.  I think this was because I had no clue what to do.  There are days where I have a vision and can't make it happen right away.  I am OK with staying with the process until I have something with which I can live; however,  I don't know how to handle not having any ideas at all.  And this is exactly where I found myself today.

I finally ended up with a lightbulb.  This makes me laugh since lightbulbs require energy and I have none tonight, creative or otherwise.  I played around with a couple of shots of the lightbulb; nothing spectacular came from that.  I then reached for a flower that had fallen off of a plant in the kitchen window.  Again, I tried a few different things.  Nothing was making me happy.  I finally gave up and decided I would just have to make something work.  

So here you see the fruits of my desperation.  Oh, and I didn't even come close to following the prompt's direction to "fill the frame."