Friday, February 22, 2013

53/365 Sweet Treat

"Truth In Advertising"

I don't know if the prompts this week aren't inspiring or if my photos are just uninspired, but I am not feeling the photographic love right now.  Maybe this is because I have been at home for two days grading papers and doing laundry.  Perhaps I need to get out into the real world over the weekend.  Whatever the problem, I apologize for the less than exciting pictures.

I may just be bitter about today's prompt being sweet treats because I am trying not to eat so many sweets right now.  Today's photo is of Popcorn Indiana's Black and White popcorn, popcorn drizzled with dark and white chocolate.  It is amazing stuff; it's crispy, sweet, crunchy and delicious just like the packaging claims.  I am addicted to it.  The only lie they tell on its package is that they say that each bag contains five servings.  I'm fairly sure it's more like two.  Now you understand why I need to stay away from sweets.