Thursday, June 28, 2007

Friends And Friars

This is the Endicott College library where I find myself tonight. It is a rather strange experience. There are no students on campus, only conference attendees, but the library is open until midnight. They have a very nice cyber cafe in the basement. So, here I sit, the only one in the building I think. None of our group is here because we are supposed to be saying Compline but I am skipping.

Convocation is going well. The friars speaking on the revised collection of early Franciscans source documents are entertaining and quite knowledgeable. Tonight I just needed a break. I opted for a walk along the waterfront instead of tonight's session. I have also played keyboard for every Office since I have been here (four each day) and I am tired. I had hoped to tale more pictures than I have but time has not allowed it. I could not miss this afternoon's discussion on "Safe Communities" as all fellowship conveners are required to complete this course. You would think that people could get it through their heads that we keep our hands to ourselves. The ONLY positive thing to come out of this session was that I have now fulfilled my requirement. Yeah!

After dinner, a few of us headed to the water. This is the view directly across the street from campus.

Our fellowship co-convener, Francesca, Our suite mate Lynn from North Carolina and Peter Benjamin, the son of another of our fellowship members walked together to the water front.

This is me and Francesca with our first order brother Clarke, who too felt called to go missing from this evening's session.

Graffiti Massachusetts style.

The weather today was nice, but the sunset was nothing spectacular. The last photo I took tonight was of a fountain in the center of campus. I must admit that all of the pictures that I will post while away are straight out of the camera because Photoshop on my laptop is not working properly. So, please forgive the unedited photos.