Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holiday Cheer

As we approach Valentine's Day, Christmas has faded into the distant past. And almost without notice, January has whizzed by. It is sad that life passes so quickly that once Christmas Day has past, its details are all but forgotten.

Another thing that was gone immediately after December 25th was the bombarding of our Inboxes with enticing advertisements for "the perfect gift." However, like with the retail stores, there were a few Internet stores that had great after Christmas sales in an effort to clear their stock of those things that did not make it on to many people's wish lists.

Always being one to appreciate those things that others may not, Weber was taken by an after-Christmas sale email. Shortly after the first of the new year his purchase was delivered. He opened it without much comment about what was in it. The arrival of the unremarkable brown box went unnoticed by the rest of us. I figured that if he wanted to share it he would and if not, that was certainly OK.

A few weeks later, he called me to "come see." There on a small table that may be the only surface in this house that is not a repository for discarded junk mail were the first stalks of an amaryllis peaking through the mossy layer covering the bulbs. I then understood why every so often he would disappear from the kitchen with a handful of ice cubes. I suppose I should have been a little more curious about that than I was.

Now, a month later, those stalks that stood only an inch or two high are supporting the flower's beautiful blooms. As I walk past them, it looks like they are smiling. How can I not be cheered by these bright faces looking up at me?

And, they arrived just in time for Valentine's Day!