Monday, June 9, 2014

160/365-2 A Favorite Place


There are lots of places that I enjoy being.  Really though, who I am with is much more important to me than where I am.  If the company is good, I can overlook some pretty dismal surroundings.  Proof of this is the nearly a year that we spent in the house with no kitchen while we were remodeling.  All those microwave meals were perfectly fine with me because I shared them with the love of my life.  

It is always a dilemma on Sundays after church as to where "our group" will go for lunch.  Some have strong opinions about the food and for others of us it is about the fellowship mores than the food.  I really am not that picky; I can always find something to eat.  (This is why I had to buy pants a size bigger today.)  And yes, Weber, if you want sushi, I'll find something!

And now that all of the remodeling is done, without a doubt, home is my favorite place to be.  I am OK with venturing away every now and then,  but I am always happy to get home.