Saturday, February 8, 2014

39/365-2 Hand Tinted

"A Rose By Any Color..."

I am much more adept with composition in my photographs than I am with the technical aspects related to post-processing.  This goes back to my post a few days ago; I don't like a whole lot of it.   After having that rant on Thursday, God must have been laughing at me, ready to shake me up and get me off of my high horse.  Today's prompt was focused on hand-tinting, a post processing technique that allows for the tweaking of colors in a photo.  

Generally speaking, the above photo has been lightened up, giving a much softer feeling than the original.  Some of the dark tones were removed from the background allowing the bokeh to be more pronounced.  The flowers and their leaves were also desaturated.  I have to admit that I like the outcome although I have to admit that it is probably more alteration than I have ever done on a photo.

I can see where hand tinting can be beneficial in adding "make-up" to a photo.  It's like anything - in moderation it is fine, but there comes a point where too much is too much.

I have so much to learn and right now I am feeling like I don't have time to practice what I already know let alone time to learn anything new.  I hate that feeling.  Oh well...some day.