Thursday, July 25, 2013

206/365 Progress

"Camera Progress"

This is the Radcliffe Camera, which houses the Radcliffe Science Library at Oxford University.  The building was constructed in the early 18th century and as you can see is currently undergoing renovations - progress.  As a knitter, I particularly like the "yarn bombing" of the surrounding fence.

We spent a lovely day in Oxford.  It was a bit crowded and by the end of the day had gotten warm, but that did not spoil a great day in Oxford.  Before lunch we had a guided tour of the campus, seeing the buildings that at one time served as residences for many notable people as well as buildings that provided the back drop for the Harry Potter movies.  Several of us had lunch at the Eagle and Child Pub where C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien hung out.  After lunch we wandered the streets with many other people from all over the world.  We visited several of the college chapels, a few bookstores and stopped at yet another pub for some afternoon liquid refreshment before returning to Cheltenham for the evening.

I took several pictures but none of them seem to do justice to this place.  Perhaps I'll feel better about them later.

Several of us went out for Indian food tonight.  It was probably the best Indian food that I have ever had and the service was impeccable.  Add to that the opportunity to get to know people whom I have sung with for years but have never really known outside of choir, it was a great evening.  We finished off the evening with a little laughter in the hotel lounge.  

Our days are packed and I am exhausted by the day's end, but we are having a great time.  It is worth every bit of sleep deprivation that I am suffering!

To see more pictures and to follow the Transfiguration choir, check out the Transfiguration Choir Tour page on Facebook.  I have posted a few more pictures there.