Sunday, July 14, 2013

195/365 Cropped


This month's self portrait was to be a cropped photo.  I'm good with that; no pictures of my face!

You get my feet on my Krazy Kruiser.  And when the shot is taken from behind, you can't tell how big my feet really are!  Krazy Kruisers are very cool three-wheeled scooters that are powered by shifting your weight from side to side at the hips.  Since I don't have much hip action to speak of, it took me a little while to get going, but I've got it now.  Kruisin' is fun and I probably get a little bit of exercise too!

I also like this photo in black and white.

Below is today's runner-up.  I like the varied foot positions, but I wish the action wasn't quite so far to the left of the frame.

Thank you Erin for your help with today's pictures!