Saturday, December 21, 2013

355/365 How's The Weather?

'A Peaceful Rain"

Today was a gray and rainy day.  This afternoon, once the heavy rains had stopped, I took a walk outside.  I was struck by the vibrant colors of these fallen leaves.  Against the surrounding grayness of the day, they just jumped out.  I may have also noticed them because of the gentle dance they were doing as they floated through the puddle.  

I was surprised by how blue the sky looks as it is reflected in the puddle.  It seemed dull and gray as I looked up at it.  I'm sure there is a metaphorical lesson in that somewhere.

Though I do love the colors in the above image, I feel a little guilty using it as documentation of today's weather.  I played around with some of the other shots from today, converting them to black and white since my perception of the day is that it was gray and colorless.  I like the way this one came out.  The raindrop covered leaves seem to be reaching out. 

"Gray, Rainy and Beautiful"